James Hardie Siding Adds a Unique Look to Your Home

Fiber cement siding was invented by James Hardie to provide the traditional look you love with increased durability. James Hardie siding is available in multiple styles, such as vertical and horizontal planks, shingles, and textured panels. Colors are baked into the cement to reduce fading, leaving your home looking great for longer.

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Moisture Resistant

Cement fiber siding doesn’t expand and contract due to absorbing and releasing moisture from the environment.


Hardie products resist cracking and breaking due to impacts better than both wood and vinyl.


Hardie siding doesn’t ignite when exposed to flames, limiting the spread of fire damage and keeping your family safe.

Pest Resistant

Pests can burrow into wood and vinyl siding, causing internal damage. Cement fiber stops pests in their tracks.


James Hardie products are designed to withstand extreme and inclement weather no matter where you live.

James Hardie HZ5 Siding Options

Lifetime Value

Cost Savings

Great Warranties

Color that Lasts

Make Your Dream Home a Reality